Hello there, nice to see you!

I’m Giulio Valentino Dalla Riva.

I teach Data Science

I work as a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the Master of Data Science. MDS is a professional master program at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (CA). It’s run by the Department of Statistics and the Department of Computer Science.

I like to help people mastering their skills, and I believe teaching is wonderful. My lectures and workshop will be avaible in the lectures area of this site.

I’m a Mathematician

I got my PhD in mathematics at the Biomathematics Research Centre, of the University of Canterbury, working with Mike Steel and Daniel Stouffer and his wonderful crew.

I studied mathematics (some pure maths, some teaching and communication of maths) in Italy, then moved into biomathematics and data science. My biological passion is in the interaction between ecological and evolutionary processes. My mathematics passion lies in complex networks and their time evolution. I know my fair bit about phylogenetics—the branch of mathematics that studies evolutionary trees—and evolutionary models. Keeping all together, that’s data science. You can find more about my research in the numbers section.

I wear many hats

I worked in a range of position in communication: from journalism to marketing, from project management to science communication. I’ve been involved with NGOs, small companies and bigger companies. I am active in a number of social, political and scientific associations. You can find more about that between my rambles.